Welcome to TehGamers!

Greetings and welcome to TehGamers!

Ares is a new private high rate free to play Lineage 2 server, based on l2j platform. Our goal is to provide fun, relaxing and competitive gameplay for all type of players - hardcore and casual.

With lots of experience as players and staff members we present ideas to our players and let them suggest improvements thus making everyone feel a part of the server - so don't hesitate, join now! :)

    Latest news
Ares small update 17.6.2016
-RB cancel is more light
-Freya instance don't remove buffs (plz try freya and report stuff here)
-Black core reuse lowered and checked target it's party command channel or party

-Pvp in BG now grant you with 15 Event - Medals base (was 12)
-Every genuine PvP you make in BG now grant you with 10 next mobs that give meds (before was 10, no matter how much pvps)
-Bsoe disabled in bg if you are flagged

-Green name for clan leaders if lvl 4 or more (is custom, but we had it before on previous servers)
-Mirage was fixed (report)
-You can now elemental PvP weapons also
-Set 80 as min level to participate automatic events

Ares update 15.6.2016
-Added bews / beas to drop in BG instance
-Observe in events lil different (hope it works)
-Spawn protection in events (except tvt,dm... report if it works)

-Warrior potion reuse increased (sorry was to OP)
-Fixed bug in tvt to go inside safe zone (test)
-Fixed buy message with medals (if u have to less meds)
-Making only even more anonymus
-Elemental lil more chance
-Lil more starting adena(for newcomers)
-Spawned AIO in all castles near throne

-Touch of death skill doesent give u 100% protection against cancel, it's just 100% less probability to get canceled!!
-Blazing Boost skill works ok, u need to be far to work as it should!

Ares small update 13.6.2016
-Changed cruma level req to 85 so you can raid Core
-Changed Geodata in Freya instance
-Added black frozen core into Quest items in GM Shop

-Now you can use shift-click on mobs to see their stats, drops
-Due Fos event, disabled Floran fort and enabled Monastic one
-Healing mobs and raids was disabled (why doing this lol!)
-Starting adena was increased (for newcomers)

Don't forget about today banner event, still time to participate ;)

Advertizing banner wanted 13.6.2016
I rly want to advertize our server a lil bit more but i need your help.

So if you wanna help and earn some medals here is how you can participate.

Atm we need most, banner of size 728x90 to post it in some sites as top adv picture.

It can be static .jpeg or dynamic .gif that looks cool and can advertize our server in max potential.

(For example put all infos like Tehgamers, x100, high five or h5.. also events , pvp and something like that.)

Reward is 30.000 Event - Medals.

This offer is valid today or until first banner posted.

Please use this topic to post banners.

Thank you for your help!!!

New GM position 9.6.2016
We're happy to announce that a new member has joined our staff.

Me and Deco know this person for a long time - ingame and real life!

We have now considered to put him into GM position since we could use some help ingame to cover player interaction and event making!

So far he has only played occasionally as a common player but due to our request and willingness on his part he'll have his char wiped and upgraded to GM status - FaNTa - welcome him warmly!

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